Chris Boardman Music Blog: Monday Musings: What is the job of an artist?

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Monday Musings: What is the job of an artist?

It has been said that the job of an artist "is to lift the soul". 

What does that mean? Perhaps it is meant to let the reader fill in the blanks? 

A compelling piece of art is one that will draw you in and ask you to take a journey. And while most art attempts it...few are interesting enough to hold our attention. So....what makes the difference?

A great film (or story) presents us with a choice: do we take the journey, or not? If we engage we will most likely be led to a conclusion that we have already anticipated. It is how the journey unfolds that is important for the audience...not the destination.

Immersing ourselves in art (including stories) releases us from the day to day worries and cares of our lives. "To lift the soul" provides a momentary escape. This is important business...and takes a lot of hard, dedicated work.

Music, Film, Stories, Sculpture, Painting, Photography, Drawing...

It matters not which medium you chose. What matters is that your "art" be compelling to the point an audience will trust you with their imagination and let go. Making that connection requires you, as the artist, to be courageous. It requires you to be willing to risk, to be fearlessly honest and authentic with faith and commitment. Anything less is a waste of time (yours and your audience).

So why do we do it? For some of us it is a compulsion. For some it is an active choice. Some have no chooses them.

If making art is your journey then realize you are part of a unique group of individuals who make it their business to enhance and delight...create unimaginable beauty and emotional richness. Use your gift wisely and take great pride knowing there will always be someone who will be looking for you to lift their souls.

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