Chris Boardman Music Blog: Monday Musings: Is it possible to own music?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Musings: Is it possible to own music?

Art at its best is a transformative experience. Art can bring us to tears, make us laugh, make us reflect. Art can even be powerful enough to start and stop wars.  

Never underestimate the power of art or its value.

Value implies measurement.  But, who determines how that measurement is taken? Or what it is based on? Is it even possible to “own” art? And, if I have access to the “art” that interests me why on earth would I want to own it?

Access vs. Ownership- the dilemma of the information age.

Whenever we go to a movie, watch a live performance or purchase a song aren’t we buying access so we can be transformed by the message of the artist? Is it not the experience that is of value? 

Art has long functioned as a mouthpiece for those without a voice. It is the creative individuals who can coin a phrase, write a speech, or capture the times in a song who have unified our culture in the past. It is the human need to share these common experiences that creates value for the individual and the creator alike. 

Never underestimate the power of art to create a valuable common experience.
If we, as content creators, are trying to monetize our artistic endeavors we should remind ourselves:
  • to realize that the experience we create is the product we have to sell 
  • to acknowledge and embrace the value of the shared experience
  • to let go of the all or nothing “grab the brass ring” mentality
Focus your energy on creation of your art. The value will be determined by the quality of experience you create. You can measure it later.

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