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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Finish your thought - about creativity

Finish your thought and get to the end.

How many times do we get distracted after we have a burst of inspiration? How often do we say to ourselves: “It can’t be that easy!”.

It is common to think that we have to toil and struggle to create. That may be true some of the time. But the only pain is putting in the time finish the project - whatever it may be.

Having a "burst of inspiration" is just another way of describing the joy we feel in the moment of creation. It is in that moment of creation that we subliminally call upon all of our knowledge and experience. It is in that moment that we see the right answer…the answer that eludes us when we struggle.

A key to moving forward is to understand the difference and to know which state of mind you happen to be in.

Learn to recognize when you are in a state of bliss about a creative moment and then articulate what that moment means. Write it down. Record it. Do whatever you have to do to memorialize that feeling because it is fleeting and will never return in exactly the same way.

Then, when you get to the painstaking process of realizing your idea you will be able to recall what got you motivated in the beginning instead of second guessing yourself, overthinking or blithely moving on to the next idea.

Capture the moment, finish your thought and get to the end...whatever that may mean. The more you practice this the easier it will be to trust your instincts. The result will be more time spent in the act of creation and less time worrying about it.

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  1. Great advice, Chris. It's funny that I am reading this now because I continue to come up with great ideas. I proceed to record them and then... they sit. My time is limited so it is difficult to get a full session in but instead of finishing the idea I came up with two days ago, I proceed to create new ideas. If one were to look into my Logic folder, they would be under the impression that I was quite prolific with hundreds of projects. However, only a very small percentage are actually finished. I am increasingly frustrated about this so thanks for posting this article and here's to getting to the finish line!