Chris Boardman Music Blog: What do you REALLY have to offer?

Friday, June 5, 2015

What do you REALLY have to offer?

One of the basic tenets of starting a business is determining your USP (unique selling proposition). What makes you different? Why should a customer/client choose you rather than the competition? What value do you offer?

Most artists’ think: “why do I have to worry about this? Doesn’t everyone know how great I am? Can’t they just tell? “I don’t want to worry or even think about marketing/selling myself. I’d rather just do what I do.” And on and on.

It seems as though we’ve been conditioned to think that self-promotion is something that an artist can’t/shouldn’t do. We have been lead to believe we are a pawn in someone else’s game.


All of the industry’s middlemen (those who profit from and who’s jobs are dependent on the artist) need to justify their existence. And, while it is fair to say that many of the people in these roles (managers, labels, public relations, marketing etc.) are effective and earn their living: why do artists feel the need and pressure to give away control of their careers…and life?

I believe that self-promotion or selling of one’s self is a fact of life and need not be abhorrent or make you feel uncomfortable. All that is required is a shift in your point of view. If you think about it: aren’t you just telling a story? And, wouldn’t you like to ensure that your story is told accurately?

Branding is often a misused word. The goal of branding is to manage expectations and create a connection between the user and the brand. My view is that it is the power of the story you are telling that is the connective tissue between you and your clients/customers/fans.

(For a more about learning how to tell your story consistently: click here)

If your goal is to earn a living being a creative then you first have to own the fact that you are indeed a service provider. Your ability to create is your service (your unique selling proposition). If you don’t believe it then why should anyone else? If you stumble when talking about yourself perhaps your service, role, value is not well defined?

If your first reaction is discount the above then it is entirely possible that you will advance no further than you currently are. Ultimately it is all up to you. No one else is responsible.

The cold hard truth is: most people don’t care.

Think of it like dancing. 

The reason people don't dance is because they think that everyone will be watching them when in fact: everyone is preoccupied with themselves! If you want to get ahead in your career and life get over it. Get out on the dance floor. Like anything else: the more you practice the better you will become.

Take the time to learn how to tell your story effectively and the world will begin to react to you differently…because you will judged/valued by what you present rather than hoping/expecting others to “magically” discover how cool you really are.

As one of the most successful brands in history says: "Just Do It".


  1. Great Post, Chris....Keep the Positive stuff coming...It is Inspirational and Productive...not negative...Thanks for Sharing...Cheers!~!