Chris Boardman Music Blog: Monday Musings: "The illusion of reality"

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Monday Musings: "The illusion of reality"

I believe we are constantly inundated with opportunities. The problem is most of us are not honest enough with ourselves and too preoccupied to see them. 

For example: How often do we walk by someone or something totally preoccupied with our thoughts, our cellphone etc?  Do we recognize the late night diner as the inspiration for an iconic painting?  Are we not held captive by our self-created illusion of reality?

Breaking the bonds of the world you have crafted requires the courage to let go of your “perception of the world-- not the world as it actually is. And, if you change your point of view even as little as one degree you will find that your sense of reality will be altered. Your eyes will be able to see that which was there all along! 

When I was young I was ambitious to a fault...never with the intention of winning at all costs. Rather it was a personal journey and obsession to become the best musician I could possibly was all about “me”, “me”, “me” though I would never admit to it at the time. This was my safe that was familiar and comfortable. 

After a while I hit a brick wall. My life and career had stalled.  I didn’t have any idea why the methods that I had employed in the past were no longer working. I couldn't identify why I wasn't continuing to make progress towards my goals. As a last resort I turned my attention inward. 

It wasn’t long after the beginning of this painful process of self-examination I realized that it was time for me to shed the artificial self-image I had carefully crafted. This simple act of deceit had caused my paralysis. Armed with new insight I slowly began to move forward.

The inspiration behind “Nightthawks” is not known but for this painting to resonate with so many for so long is obviously due to the realness of the image. Edward Hopper succeeded in capturing a moment in time. I feel safe in saying he was focused on the moment of creation without concern for his cellphone.

To reach your highest potential as an artist: shed your illusions of reality, focus on the moment and be present. The opportunities that exist in plain sight will astonish you...

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