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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ideas vs. Execution- Monday Musings

What separates the successful from the wannabes is execution.

Oh man! My dream is to be ______!!!! 

Where do I start? 

As you begin your journey you will be filled with excitement, uncertainty and have many questions. It is all too easy to bounce from one idea to another especially in today’s social media driven environment. Too much stimulation. Too many choices. No clear answers. Knowing which questions to ask and how to assemble what you learn will be crucial to reaching your destination.

Daunting? maybe. Insurmountable? no.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

When you peel an onion multiple layers unfold. Each one is slightly different with each fulfilling a specific purpose while still being part of the whole. Like peeling an onion, deconstructing your dream into smaller, manageable pieces allows you to see how the puzzle is put together.

Ideas are a dime a dozen especially with creative individuals. Not unlike having a marble continually rolling around inside your head without end. Creating something tangible from your idea requires you to get it out of your head so you can examine it from different angles before you take action.

Any journey or project requires research and planning to be able to execute. And while planning may not seem as glamorous as creating it is every bit as important. And, it can be creatively rewarding too.

If you are considering taking a vacation most likely it is the destination that entices you to choose one over another. And while there may be many things to see along the way the destination is usually the driver. Committing to the idea (of taking a vacation) is the first step. Breaking your trip into manageable pieces (how far you will have to drive each day, where you will stay each night etc) will ensure you reach your destination. 

You can take the same approach to your career. The overwhelming part comes from looking at the mountain wondering how you will ever get to the top?  Without doing the necessary preparation it is next to impossible. And while everyone's journey is different, in the end, the path is remarkably similar.

A big difference between those who succeed those who don't is that the successful person can create a strategy, know what tools to acquire and how to create tasks small enough to be executed successfully. You build a wall one step at a time.

Don't let the size of the mountain stop you. The more aware you become you may realize that your approach will have to change to reach your destination. And if your approach has to change. So be it. Better to take a detour than stay on a dead end road.

The trick is to enjoy the ride. :)

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