Chris Boardman Music Blog: Monday Musings: 5 steps to increase your effectiveness

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Monday Musings: 5 steps to increase your effectiveness

When I was in my twenties I discovered that I had some bad habits that were preventing me from getting the most out of my life and career. I was getting in my own way. I was unconsciously sabotaging myself.

Through much effort and plenty of angst I learned that if I paid attention to a few basic truths I could combat my conditioned behavior and not be enslaved by habits that were less than productive. Take this for what its worth. I hope it is helpful.

1. Accountability
Your behavior is never someone else’s fault. Regardless of the situation you are accountable for your actions.

2- Control.
Knowing what you can and can’t control will help you clarify your role in your process. See the big picture. Know the limits of your responsibility.

3- Personal growth
We are all participants in our own journey…the hero of our story. If you can see the pot of gold you desire the path is clear to you. However, most likely it is YOU that is holding you back.  Work on yourself.

4- Observation.
Motivation seemingly comes from many sources but can always be traced back to acting out of love or fear. Awareness of yourself and your feeling while you are in the process will illuminate the true motivation for your actions. Don't be afraid of what you see when you pull back the curtain. The path to empowerment comes from the ability to see which actions are beneficial or detrimental.

5-Be Bold.
The line between foolish behavior and bold action may seem thin to the outsider. However, to the participant bold actions seems like the only choice worth making. The hero makes the only choice they can see...the best choice at the time. 

If you wildly make a choice that results in success chances are it was an accident.
If you make choices and achieve your goal more than once it may be a coincidence.
If you continually progress towards your goal you have discovered a pattern.

If you work to objectively look at your behavior and abilities you will have a better chance at becoming more effective at EVERYTHING you attempt.

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  1. Great advice and a really good reminder! Thanks Chris...